About Me: Sage

   My name is Sage, and I am a young woman in my late twenties. From the age of 18 I set off on my own from Canada to live and work in Italy with the intention of returning to attend university. For one year I worked as a private English teacher and speech therapist with Italian children. On my time off I would volunteer and explore the ecological communities in the area and throughout Europe. These experiences effected me so greatly that it determined the next few years of my life. I learned I couldn’t allow social norms and expectations determine my future.

I decided to take the path of experiential education – from foreign environments, culture, and human connection. For the following 3 years I concentrated my time on traveling without plan except to learn and share. I focused the first 3 years of my travels, education and work in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. I always hitch hike from one destination to the next for opportunities to massage clients and volunteer on farms, ecological communities, and health centers. I continue to learn and practice massage in every place I go, and have all my clients to thank for teaching me the beauty of touch.

In March 2013 I began travelling through Asia. Starting in India where I spent 2 months, I learnt the basics of Ayurveda massage, and continued my practice of Vipassana Meditation. After India I made my way to Nepal where I went trekking in the Himalayan mountains for 1 month. Then to Hong Kong exploring the bustling city and offering my massage service.
After my first trip to Asia I returned to Europe in August 2013. During my return to Europe I hitch hiked through Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and arrived in Belgium where I attended an extensive Carpentry program for 1 month. Carpentry and wood working is a great interest of mine and am happy I had the opportunity to learn and work on traditional methods of the trade. Following my work in Belgium I moved on to England  to learn about permaculture and gardening. Working full time with nature had only inspired me and left with strong satisfaction. During that period I also worked in a traditional pub in a small village! This was an amazing experience where I volunteered as a barmaid, baker and waitress :).

In February 2014 I began the 2nd round of my Asia trip. I began in Hong Kong offering my service to return clients and new ones as well as spending half of my time volunteering in Clear Water Bay at a small permaculture farm. In the Beginning of March 2014, I traveled to Singapore for the very first time to offer my massage and discovered how amazing this tiny country is. Singapore was a very fulfilling and successful trip for me- as I had learnt the quality of my service is a rarity in Singapore. It is truly my favourite place to work!

I have spent a lot of time in Malaysia often volunteering and offering my massage service. Thailand has been a central spot for me to focus on learning. I have spent several months studying Thai massage and am very passionate about it. While travelling through China I met 2 practitioners of Chinese Shen-Nong and Qi-Gong Massage. I spent 2 weeks with them exchanging knowledge, receiving their massages, and observing their sessions with clients. At the beginning and end of each day there was a discourse. There are elements of these techniques that I lightly incorporate into my sessions. After my time in China I went to Taiwan for a long distance cycling trip along the east coast of the country. Taiwan is one of the most special places I have ever been. Somewhere that I wish to return again and again to! There are too many places to list that I have spent my time in, each experience has been valuable.

Most recently I have spent almost two months in Mongolia. I have had the opportunity to travel through the Gobi with a friend I made here, always being welcomed into strangers homes. With that experience I was able to have my first experiences living with nomad families. After my time in the Gobi, I hitch hiked and camped my way up north to Khovsgol where I volunteered on a ranch helping to take care of their sheep, goats and yaks. (May/June 2016)

After these past 3 years being based in Asia, I will be returning to Singapore for the 9th time! It has easily become a home to me. Naturally after 6+ years travelling nonsstop I look forward to settling somewhere for a few months to a year! It will be difficult to take a break from travelling all the time, but I also am so eager to be with my family and friends from home.

**I must update everything! I intend to do so soon! Keep posted**
With Love,

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