About Me: Sage

     My name is Sage, and I am a young woman in my late twenties. From the age of 18 I set off on my own from Canada to live and work in Italy with the intention of returning to attend university. For two years I worked as a private English teacher and assistant to a speech therapist with Italian children. On my time off I would volunteer and explore the ecological communities in the area and throughout Europe. These experiences affected me so greatly that it determined the direction of my life’s path. I learned I couldn’t allow social norms and expectations determine my future.

       I decided to take the path of experiential education – from foreign environments, culture, and human connection. For the following years I concentrated my time on traveling without plan except to learn and share. I focused the first 3 years of my travels, education and work in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. I always hitch hiked from one destination to the next for opportunities to massage clients and volunteer on farms, ecological communities, yoga retreats and health centers. I continue to learn and practice massage in every place I go, and have all my clients to thank for teaching me the beauty of touch.

As I explored freely, doors continuously opened to opportunities I couldn’t have even imagined presented themselves me to. This new path lead me through Asia for the next 4 years. I was lucky enough to study Ayurvedic massage one on one in India, Chinese Shen-Nong and Qi-Gong Massage in Taiwan and China, I obtained my teachers training diploma for Traditional Thai massage in Chiang Mai. In between my studies I offered my tantra massage service in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Mongolia and more. When I wasn’t massaging I was indulging in my passions like permaculture, carpentry; learning ornate detail oriented projects to helping build houses from start to finish, and learning various fibre arts from felting, weaving, spinning wool to making wall sized murals and installations primarily in Mongolia and Japan.

As much as I miss and identify with my traveling lifestyle, I am proud of where I am and what I’ve been dedicating my life and energy to over the past 4 years. I have just completed an extensive program focused in Health Care and body work. I feel so grateful to have developed such a well-established understanding of the human body and health. This background in scientific health care supports my spiritual and intuitive approach to my massage service. I can confidently say that I have devoted a literal decade of my life to fostering and developing my tantra practice. ONWARD AND UPWARD!

With Love,
Sage x


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