1. What is Tantra?
Tantra is an ancient practice that is essential to healing mental and physical problems as well as connecting the body, mind and soul. Tantric philosophy can be applied to every aspect of life, but when incorporated into a massage it is a deeply spiritual and erotic full body experience. It is centered upon the full commitment to the present moment and channeling mindfulness into every experience without expectation. It is not goal oriented and there are no rules on how to perform a tantric massage. Tantra only requires you to be open minded, present and caring. 

2. Do you provide a naturist/nudist massage?
No, I do not offer a nudist massage. I am comfortable with your nudity and want to treat your body in a holistic/sensual manner. That being said I will remain topless while wearing a wrap skirt to maintain the provider-receiver relationship.

3. Is there a release at the end of the massage?
Yes, you will be massaged until arousal and release. Some clients when working on their premature ejaculation choose to not achieve orgasm, returning for several sessions as a work in progress to strengthen ability. It is totally up to you, I will assume you desire an release in each session, so in the case that you do not- please tell me!

4. What are your restrictions/boundaries?
I do NOT offer any form of intercourse, oral sex or kissing. I strictly offer a massage service and do not provide ‘extras’.  I accept a light mutual touch but do not allow to be touched on my vagina or anus. I will not accept anything invasive/aggressive. I am happy to receive a light mutual touch and can often find it re-energizing! But please respect my boundaries- If you do not respect or try to push my boundaries the session will be terminated without refund.

5. What is the difference between 60, 90 and 120 minute session lengths, and what is the recommended length?
Each session length has a similar flow. Ultimately the main difference is the length! The longer the session, the more time you have to detach from the outside world, for me to use more techniques and to build your arousal for a more intense full body orgasm. I always recommend 90 minute sessions to everyone, especially beginners, because I discovered it is the perfect amount of time to provide a thorough introduction to the benefits of Tantric massage.

6. What is the best way to book an appointment?
The best way to book an appointment is to write me an email at: holisticfourwinds@gmail.com

7. Are there consequences to my cancellation?
I have a 3 strike policy. I only want to meet with people who are serious about meeting with me, and respect an organized session we have mutually confirmed. That being said I understand things happen that you cannot change. I am more lenient with loyal clients I’ve met multiple times.  However, I will not meet with you if you have cancelled on me 3 times.

8. Is there a particular demographic of client you prefer to see?
No! I welcome anyone who is well mannered, respectful, and interested in meeting me with good intentions. I accept anyone of any race, gender identity, religion or physical capacity. My service is about providing a life changing experience to anyone. I want to emphasize my desire to provide for women, LGBTQ+, people with physical disabilities or other people from marginalized groups.

9. Are your photos real?
All of my photos are real, every single photo was taken with my camera by myself or friends with the exception of 1 taken by a professional photographer. I have always designed, written and constantly maintain my website myself. I have put much time and effort into my website including important and extra information so that you can understand me, my service and intent. Enjoy!

10. How old are you and where are you from?
I am in my mid-twenties and from Ontario/Newfoundland, Canada.

11. You say you are a ‘natural’ woman, what does this mean?
I have never artificially enhanced any features of my body. I promote natural beauty and I embrace the body I was born with. I do have 2 tattoos, which are shown in photos. I take care of my body by consuming what is best for me.

12. Do you use a massage table?
I normally do use a massage table when based in a location. I do not travel with a table so during these periods I will offer my massage on a bed with comfortable neck support with various options.

13. Where are you located?
As I am constantly traveling,  you can track my updated location by checking my Home Page and Travel Schedule page for my travel plans. I will always offer the massage in the city centre.

14. Do you have shower facilities?
This applies when I have a location for incall sessions, as each hotel I stay in will have a nice shower. You can have a refreshing  shower before and/or after the session.  This does not include ‘bathing ritual’, it solely means I provide a shower for you to wash before and after the session :).

15. What are your working hours?
I am available to book between 7.00am and 10.00pm. I am happy to book appointments later if requested in advance! Please allow advance notice for booking.


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