I have had the great opportunity to share my care and attention with many open-hearted people. These are just a few of the kind words they have said about me and my massage service. Feel free to send me a testimonial if you feel your experience was something special. – Sage

One on One Session: Toronto
“I can honestly say that Sage is by far the best practitioner I have ever experienced. I have been getting massages for over twenty years – many different modalities, across the globe. Simply put, there is nobody like her. Sage is kind, gentle, caring, intuitive and an absolute expert at her craft. Getting to experience Sage’s bodywork is something I crave, and is always the highlight of my travels.” -S

One on One Session: Toronto
“Every single second spent with Sage was breathtaking. She is such an amazing person. The service is outstanding. She made me fall in love with her. Must must must try her services. Can’t wait to be back with her.” – S.A

One on One Session: Toronto
“It isn’t easy for me to write this but I feel compelled. I’m a married straight woman in my 40’s, and I have finally been feeling ready to explore my body and sexuality, so I contacted Sage. She took an hour of her time before the massage to talk, get to know each other, set a foundation, to walk me through the process and answer all of my questions. I think she could tell how incredibly nervous I was. She did everything right to make me feel safe, respected and comfortable enough to open up and trust her. I have never experienced anything similar to what she gave me, and I am forever grateful. I feel like I’m able to walk through my life knowing myself a lot better than I did before. Thank you Sage.” – R.T

One on One Session: Malaysia
“It’s been 5 years since we met and I’ll never forget that amazing experience. I’ve never met someone with such understanding of the human body’s sensuality. It was at times relaxing, exciting, calm, yet mind-blowing. Even half a decade later, the memory of myself lying on my back, with you sitting in between my spread legs, having just given me a huge release, is still etched in the deepest parts of my mind. I hope you’re doing well lately and only hope to see you again.” -PH

One on One Session: Toronto
“Sage’s touch was so full, sensual, and warm that I could feel her confidence and felt totally at ease in her hands. But that’s not the only thing that sets her apart from other masseuses I’ve experienced. She really takes care to fine tune the little details that really make a difference. Everything from the quality oils she uses to the subtle and soothing ambient music, to the clean, carefully organized space and tantalizingly occasional hot breath by my ear. She is charming and beautiful, and her kind manner makes her very easy to talk to. All things considered, Sage offers a truly outstanding experience.” -P

One on One Session: Singapore
“From the first moment I saw you I felt comfortable. You were just being yourself without heavy makeup and elaborate clothing. That’s very comforting for me. Of course you are very pretty already without any help. 🙂 Also you took a good amount of time to introduce yourself and also get to know me. That is actually rare I think.The music! You created a good ambiance with the music.
You actually knew how to massage and you were really focusing your energy on it. The climax is important and the experience won’t be the same without it, but to me it’s a small part that enhances the whole massage. A lot of other “masseuses” uses “massage” as a front to simply offer quick sex.
Even though I was naked, you were topless, and you did an erotic massage the whole experience was not too sexual. Other “masseuses” would act overly sexy or false, but you were just being you and again you were laser focused on the massage.
Last but not least you were just pleasant to chat with. It would be nice to just hang out with you and listen to your adventures.” – M

One on One Session: Singapore
“Sage was courteous and friendly. She greeted me with a hug and I felt that I was meeting a long lost friend instead of stranger. The venue is well in the city centre and easy to reach.
The massage was nothing like I have ever received before. She took great care on making me comfortable. The massage was also relaxing yet healing as well. I would not hesitate to do another booking should she travels in the region again.” – A

One on One session: Singapore
“I had the pleasure of meeting Sage during her last visit here to Singapore. It was her lovely personality and attitude that shined through. She instantly put me at ease with the chats before the session. She has beautiful curls and lovely blue eyes. Not forgetting that shy smile as well. Sage is a lady of more of the natural beauty type with curves in all the right places. The session were done with Sage being topless. There will be a lot of sensual touchings and body-to-body motions from her. One thing I love about the session with Sage was that she was really in tuned and mindful of my body sensitivity. To me it was not just a Tantra massage, it was a connection that I have never felt before during Tantra massage. The end of the massage was finished with her giving me one of the most intense orgasm I ever encountered. I will be seeing Sage again soon and I can’t wait to. And hopefully she will be making Singapore a more frequent stop in future. Sincere people, please make arrangement with her and treat her with all due respect and care. This is one lovely lady and experience you wouldn’t want to miss.” – D

One on One Session: Singapore
“Hi Sage, it is only the right thing for me to let you know that I have a great time and great conversation with you this morning. Thanks for the opportunity and your time. Your service rendered is outstanding, genuine and very professional which are factors that are very important but are missing in this society. With your talent, passion and commitment you will be very successful in life. Finally i wish you every success in your endeavour, take care and may we meet again in the near foreseeable future! Thank you so much” – H

One on One Session: Singapore
“Sage, your massage and service was the best thing that could ever happen! You’re so welcoming, cheerful and really friendly.  I wish there was more people like you. I’ve never had such a fulfilling and satisfied experience until I’ve met you.” – N

One on One Session: Singapore
“Met Sage at mid afternoon during a weekend for a 2 hours one on one massage. She was as beautiful as her pictures showed, very friendly, polite and greeted me with a genuinely welcoming, big hug. Her room was clean, neat and comfortable. We sat down, made some small talk before going briefly into what she was going to do (read the website people!) and how I was supposed to react (nothing too strenuous, just relax, stopping thinking and feel).  Took a warm comfortable shower with all amenities provided for, before plopping onto a comfortable bed with a fresh clean pillow and a large towel.

First thing Sage did was check my tolerance threshold for applied pressure discomfort and ticklishness.  Once established, she proceeded with the massage at the exact applied pressure as we agreed upon throughout the session.  The massage is divided into 2 parts – a dry one followed by a very luxurious oil based one.  Her technique and pacing can be described as “continuous” in rhythmic assuring presses and strokes on all parts of the body from soles of the feet to the palms of my hands.  Perhaps because this was my first massage with tantric elements, at most parts it felt nothing really sexual but more, instead, deeply relaxing and when she got on top of me and breathed into my ear, the body to body contact evoked a sense of warm, pleasant and assuring comfort.   I felt entirely comfortable and tranquil throughout.
At the end of the massage, I took another warm shower to clean the oil off my body, got dressed and was seen out the door with another warm generous hug.  To my surprise and embarrassment, we have exceeded the 2 hours by quite a margin, but Sage did not care – time-watcher, she definitely was not.  Her main objective was that the massage had to be done right.  That’s a mark of a true professional.

This was my introduction to tantric massage and thanks to the accommodating friendliness and professionalism of Sage, it encourages me to consider going for more sessions to get used to it.” – I.O

One on One Session: Toronto
“I had the opportunity and the pleasure to see Sage twice when she was in Toronto. She is like always smiling, soft and professional. I tried many service providers before and still Sage is my best and she is on top of my list. Beautiful heart and soft touch. Both sessions were perfect and I wished in my mind it will never end.
I definitely recommend Sage and for sure will see her again when she is back in Toronto.” – D

One on One Session: Kuala Lumpur
I had the opportunity to have a session with Sage. I was a bit nervous at first as it was much more like a stranger meeting stranger at first. But she helped me settled down quickly after just 5 minutes and any doubts that i had swiftly evaporated.We talked and talked and didn’t realize that it was almost 50 minutes. Whats for sure is that she is determined, friendly with that beautiful smile on her constantly, has a vast full of experience in travelling the world, knows what she’s talking about and a lot more positive things that i could describe about her. If i could add, she is serious on providing her massage to anyone who really is serious, one keyword here is respect. There must be mutual respect before the session begins.There is no other place for a reference if you want to ask about Sage except for the website. What you read is exactly what you get.
The message session was one of a kind. I tried my best not to doze off despite having only 3 hours of sleep the previous night. I would want myself to really enjoy the kind of massage which couldnt be find here in Malaysia. You lay down and let Sage do her magic. I tried my usual stuff of trying to read A-Z backwards in order to use my mind to divert the magical touches but i couldnt as my body and my inner self couldnt resist those magical strokes. As i was enjoying myself, i was a bit unstable as i was feeling afraid as deep inside i knew my precious 90 minutes would end and surely it ended but not before having one of my best release from a massage for quite some time.
As Sage is always seeking new places to explore, hopefully there would be an exception for her to return to Malaysia as i would bet that i would go for another session with her!

One on One Session: Singapore
“Sage is wonderful. If you have the $, well worth it. Its about going with the flow. She does a very sensual massage- nothing more than that.  All in all the session was wonderful and her warmth and care shines through. Only people with an open heart would be able to do what she does. Try it out. Hopefully I can manage to make a booking for another session.” -J

One on One Session : Singapore
“Dear Sage- Thank you for the wonderful experience. You were incredible. I ended up carrying the euphoric feeling well into the night and the morning today. I hope our paths can cross soon. Take care.” – B

~One on One Session: Singapore
Today was one of the best days I ever had after meeting Sage. She is absolutely one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. From the moment we exchanged emails, she has been courteous and welcoming. And when I met her, I was nervous but she welcomed me warmly taking away all those feelings of nervousness. We have been chatting for a while before starting our session like we have known each other for a very long time. I like her companionship which is hard to find these days. As for the session, it was marvellous and it can’t be described by words, you will have to experience it to know what I am talking about.
With you, Sage, I didn’t feel as a stranger, coz you’re fun, honest, caring and sweet. You’re also pretty and confident and have a very nice smile. I definitely want to see you again as I still can’t forget the rich experience I had.
All the best wherever you go and may our paths cross again. XxX” – A

One on One Session: Singapore
“Just had a session with Sage.. Overall, an interesting and sensual experience. Also appreciate that she takes the time to ensure you are comfortable during the session. I would encourage all bros to try while she is still ard for this unique experience. Do also treat her with respect as what she offers is therapeutic in nature and not the usual specials that is widely available.” -D

Couples Massage Session: Hong Kong
“My girlfriend and I have always been interested in tantric massage. Sage and us exchanged several emails before our scheduled session. Her language was courteous, sincere and considerate.  We arranged to meet for a quick bite on the night of our session. Any doubts completely vanished as soon as she arrived. She turned out to be a wonderful person – energetic, happy, open-minded, and educated.  She is the kind of persons we want more of our friends to be like! What was intended to be an excuse for us to chicken out turned out to be a wonderful dinner.
Sitting in the bed, Sage once again explained to us what the whole massage will be like.  We felt very humbled that she spent so much effort before meeting us. During the massage, we did sense that she was indeed following a flow that she’d planned ahead but also experimental. We were nude and told to lay side by side, holding hands.  Sage told us to avoid unnecessary conversation. We closed our eyes.
She alternated between us, sometimes massaging both of us at the same time. She got so close to me that I could feel her breath on my body. I followed her flow. Her touch was extremely sensual. She sometimes used her body, but took care not to overdo it. She also showed each of us to see how she touched us, and encouraged us to touch each other. She held my hands and guided me throughout my girlfriend’s body. My girlfriend orgasmed many times.
After our 90 minute session, Sage discretely left the room leaving us alone in bed. We quietly made love while she gave us intimate time alone. Our time with Sage was one of the most erotic experiences in our relationship.
I am amazed Sage knows sexuality – both male’s and female’s – so well. She taught us how to explore each other’s bodies. My girlfriend and I feel more connected, more in love, more “complete”, after this session.  At times during the session, I felt our bodies were completely fused. To me, that was a full sexual awakening.

My girlfriend and I will always thank Sage for what she did for us. We are so happy that we found her, and definitely will see her again whenever she comes back to Hong Kong.”- E+G

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