My Goals and Interests

I intend to learn from every experience and strive to develop my skills and take on new ones.

Learn and further my understanding of the human body and mind.
Music: folk , jazz and hip hop are my favourite genres. (Conor Oberst, Andrew Bird, Devendra Banhart, Daedelus, Benny Goodman, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Outkast, Aesop Rock, Mr. Key, Lee Scott, Max Normal.Tv etc.)
• Create human connection.
Study natural healing. Herbal organic medicines and therapeutic touch.
Build my own home and work towards being mostly self-sufficient.
Human sexuality.
Maintain and continue Vipassana meditation.
Further my practice and knowledge of Yoga.
Study psychology, metaphysical and ethical philosophy, theatre.
Continue and further my crafts’ skills. (wood burning, felting, seamstress)
Italian language.
Permaculture and natural farming.
Traditional carpentry and ecological construction- Cob, Straw bale houses.
Poi performance.
Continue my practice in the arts: watercolour, illustration, photography, felting/ wool work, oil painting and collage.

 Some of my personal artwork.

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