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LEIAH in SG + Jakarta
Leiah is now in Singapore and based in SE Asia. Leiah is very skilled in her specialties, a warm, honest, easy going person. I have known her for 11 years and I recommend anyone to meet her! She also offers 4 hand sessions with a partner named Lily (below) when in Toronto, their Four Hand Tantra session experience is a rarity.

LILY in SG + Australia
Lily is a fellow Canadian tantrika and friend based in Toronto, often travelling between NYC, Vancouver, Montreal and SE Asia. Lily is a wonderfully sweet, charismatic, friendly and caring girl and offers a beautifully executed tantra massage. Lily is occasionally offering her Four Hand Tantra session with Leiah (above). Please meet with her if you have the opportunity! 

ANTONIO – Costa Rica
+44-075-0878-6952 (UK #)
Antonio is the one who introduced me to this world of massage. We met as fellow travellers, we met again a year later where he offered me his massage and changed my life within two hours. His skill is unlike any other I have experienced. He is so concentrated, aware, strong and each touch is powerful. He helped me realize that our bodies are something to be explored. Something to accept and love.
Please meet him for a session in India!


If you are seeking a deeper explanation of Tantra’s origins, and the adaptations of this ancient practice in today’s world, I think this article illustrates it beautifully.

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