Service Hours: 7 am – 10 pm
I provide an experience, each massage I give is unique. My massage is intuitive and customized to suit your body, mind and spiritual needs. I use meditative techniques such as Yoga, Dirgha Pranayama for strengthening awareness and sensitivity to each touch. I incorporate techniques such as Swedish Massage, LomiLomi, Thai Massage, Acupressure  and Reiki. These therapeutic techniques are tied together with intimate elements of Tantra and sensual massage. My massage is not strictly one technique but all incorporated into one session to be intensely effective. I believe that tantra not only includes the study of sexuality, but reveres it. It teaches that sensuality is sacred, and a vehicle to enlightenment. The driving force behind my work is to connect with others, share an experience and bring their body and mind to great heights of understanding and acceptance.

I will greet you with a hug upon your arrival and we will have a chance to get acquainted. Once you’re feeling comfortable you can take a hot shower while I prepare the room for your session. You will re-enter to find a candle lit room, soothing ambient music
lightly filling the space,  occasionally an incense burning, and natural oils to massage your body. I use organic grape seed oil as a base mixed with 1 or multiple essential oils for an aroma-therapeutic effect. Grape seed oil contains anti-oxidants treating arthritis, promoting skin health, anti-aging, etc. I mix the essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Lotus,  Eucalyptus for their relaxing and anti-bacterial benefits. I believe that the quality of oil, and atmosphere is just as important as the massage itself.

I have had the great opportunity to offer my massage service in:
Canada (
Toronto, St.John’s), India (Mumbai, New Delhi), Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Malaysia (KL, Penang), Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai), Ulaanbaatar, Tapei, Tokyo & Dublin. Some of my clients have written honest reviews which can be read on my Testimonials page 🙂

Stages of the Experience

1. Gentle Caress
I introduce you to a calm state of mind, lightly brushing across your body, synchronized hot breath heightening your senses. My soft gentle caress gradually eases you into the next stage.
2. Energy Flow
Applying my weight to major acupressure points I begin circulating your blood flow with effleurage and kneading from Swedish massage. Slowly I will transition into limb wrapping techniques from LomiLomi massage. This slow build up prepares your body for the sensual aspect.
3. Climactic Orgasm (Lingam/Yoni)
In this stage I focus my attention on centering blood flow to the Sacral Chakra (groin area) while maintaining intimate connection by staying near to the Heart Chakra. With the combination of Sacral and Heart chakra your body and mind become one as you reach the highest peak of pleasure.
4. Floating
Slowly I bring you back down from the peak- with light gradual intimate touch. I often choose to finish with a face massage addressing the Third Eye and Crown Chakra to complete the holistic connection.

Understanding and honesty is what my work is based upon. I think it is necessary to communicate before meeting so together we can determine whether my massage is right for you. I welcome any questions you may have prior to meeting but please be sure to read through my FAQ page first.  I will treat you with the respect you deserve, and will expect the same courtesy in return. My massage is intuitive, always using awareness to develop connection and promote pleasure and comfort. I guarantee that at the end of our session you will leave feeling satisfied, refreshed and inspired.

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